How To Make A Lighted Wine Bottle

Have you ever seen those repurposed Wine Bottles with decorated outsides and fairy lights inside?  These bottles make great gifts and even better night lights and home décor for yourself.

Let me show you how to make one.


Let’s Get Started…


Supply List

  1. Wine Bottle either re-purposed or purchased at a big box craft store
  2. Flat Sided glass marbles
  3. Hot Glue Sticks
  4. Sand Paper
  5. Rubbing Alcohol
  6. Leaves and twine covered floral wire
  7. Fairy Lights
  8. Raffia, Double sided sticky tape and a cork


The highlights of the slideshow include:

  1. Make sure you always clean the glass with alcohol before you start.  This is true for any project using glass.  The alcohol will remove any finger prints or hand oils and label residue.
  2. Lightly sand the flat side of each marble before you adhere it to the bottle. Hot Glue is HOT.  Be careful.
  3. Always use the LED fairy lights. “Regular” or “Normal” string lights get to hot and will cause the bottle glass to heat up creating and burn and fire hazard.

I hope this “How To” has inspired you to create a one of these trendy Lighted Wine Bottles.  Give it a try and leave a comment about how it worked for you.  For Now, Happy Crafting!