How To Make A Flip Flop Wreath

So glad that you answered the “Crafting Call” today!  I have decided what our first project will be!  Summer has “officially” started and it is time to get outside and have some fun.  Flip Flop Wreaths are fun, trendy and easy!

What you will need…

  •  6 flip flops  Child Size XL or Adult Size S…I got mine at Dollar Tree
  •  12 Inch wire wreath 3.
  •  6 flowers 4.
  •  6 inch rolls of Deco Mesh…again Dollar Tree is great because you  don’t need much 5.
  •  3 pairs of kids fun sunglasses 6.
  •  Pipe Cleaners


Let’s Get Started!

  •  Poke a pipe cleaner from the front side of the flip flop to the back side at the heel portion of of the shoe strap. 
  •   Attach the flip flop to the wire wreath at the connector points of the wreath.  It will take 6 shoes (3 pair) of flip flops to complete the wreath.  I like to use a variety of patterns and colors.  Secure the wires with hot glue.  Please be careful using hot glue. 
  •  While the glue is cooling, cut 24 lengths of Deco Mesh approximately 15 inches long.
  •  Twist 4 pipe cleaners between each shoe.  The tails of the pipe cleaners should be facing up or on the right side of the wreath.  We will use these to attach the mesh. It will take 24 pipe cleaners to go around the wreath. 
  •  Attach the mesh to the wreath by twisting it into the pipe cleaner.

  • Cut the excess tails off (not too short) and push downward into the mesh to hide the ends.
  • Hot Glue the daisies or another flat based flower to the heel of the flip flop to cover the pipe cleaner.
  • Carefully pull open the ends of the mesh to spread and further cover the pipe cleaner and wire wreath.
  • Attach the glasses with hot glue.


You are done!  And, here is my finished product again.

I hope that you liked the flip flop wreath and will try to make one yourself.  Let me know what you think and how yours came out.

Bye for now,


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