How To Make A Deco Mesh Wreath

How To Make A Deco Mesh Wreath

Calling everyone who wants to learn how to make a Deco Mesh Wreath!  As a floral designer, I make all kinds of arrangements and wreaths.  Some of the hottest styles are the trendy Deco Mesh Wreaths.  I have probably made hundreds of them over the years.  There are many videos are there showing how to make one, but, I thought I would share my tips in a video.

Before we start, here is a picture of the finished wreath along with the supplies you will need.

Supplies and Tools

  1.  One roll or approximately 20 feet of deco mesh
  2.  Work wreath
  3. Ribbon for the bow
  4. Embellishments.
  5. Wire Cutter
  6. Glue Gun
  7. Scissors

Let’s get started!

Here are a few of the highlight tips from the Video on How To Make A Deco Mesh Wreath

  1.  Use a pre-made work wreath.  You can purchase them at many big box stores.  These help shape the wreath and it will take less time.
  2. Find a starting point on the work wreath where twist ties on both the inner and outer ring are equal.  This will give you a spot to easily place your bow.
  3. Measure, Measure, Measure!  Use approximately 10 inches between each twist tie on the wreath.  Note:  check your work wreath, the twist ties may not always be evenly spaced on the rim.  Make a slight adjustment to keep your puffs even.
  4. Complete the firsts rim, cut the mesh and start adding mesh on the other rim.  This will keep the puffs even.
  5. Pull and spread the puffs to give the wreath volume.  Add embellishments where the twist ties are located to help hide the rim.

Here is another examples of wreath that I’ve made.

Deco Mesh Wreaths are trendy and fun to make.  The mesh is available is a wide variety of styles and colors.  Have fun, experiment and leave a comment or post a picture of how your wreath come out!  For Now, Happy Crafting!



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